5 things you need to consider when buying a health insurance plan


#3 Network of cashless hospitals covering all costs

The insurance company must have the most cashless hospitals. What does it mean? During the hospitalization process, network hospitals offer a cashless option whereby the hospital settles the medical bills directly with the insurance company. Opt for insurers that have a greater number of hospitals in the network. At Reliance General Insurance, we provide a network of over 8600 hospitals for cashless health insurance claims.

When you think of hospitalization, you usually think of covering basic hospital costs such as daily room billing, pathology tests, etc. These will be covered by any medical policy. But Reliance Health Gain offers special features such as consumables, accompanying coverage, individual private room, etc. Your insurance should ideally cover everything from ambulance costs to medical costs that continue after treatment.

#4 Simplified claims process and grievance ratio

Insurance is a service contract and at the time of hospitalization, you would need a company that can show up and handle your claims most quickly and hassle-free. The simpler the claims process and the faster the settlement of claims, the better it is for the insured. Beware of good customer support.

Reliance General Insurance guarantees to process cashless claims within six business hours and reimbursement requests within 21 days. They have the lowest grievance rate according to reports published by the regulator.

#5 Make sure your family is covered and choose the floating family plan

Indians like to stay in joint families. We like to live with our parents, in-laws, brothers and sisters who are not necessarily dependent on us. Older family members are always more susceptible to disease. Make sure your policy covers and protects all members of your family. Consider and disclose their age, any previous illnesses and any other medical history before purchasing the policy.

Reliance General Insurance also understands the importance of a joint family and hence Reliance Health Gain offers a feature where you can cover up to 12 family members: extended family members like father, mother, the father-in-law and the mother-in-law, in the same family floating font.

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