BCIC launches new car insurance policy


In a bid to ease the pressures of the COVID-19 pandemic on motorists, British Caribbean Insurance Company Limited (BCIC) has launched a new car insurance policy, which it describes as “budgeted and flexible”.

BCIC’s Hu$$le will offer customers auto insurance for the period they wish to be covered; with the amount of money they have, the company said.

Customers can indicate how much they would like to spend on their premium, and BCIC will determine the length of cover that can be provided, from as little as one week.

Customers can also indicate the period for which they require coverage, and BCIC will determine a cost for that period.

“We understand the financial impact the pandemic has had on our customers, and that’s why we’ve structured a solution that fits their budget, without compromising the safety and quality of their insurance coverage,” said Peter Levy. , Managing Director, BCIC.

The insurance giant calls this new product a revolutionary and innovative solution that will go a long way in helping its customers.

“We tell our customers, if you don’t have the annual premium, or just want coverage for a specific period, we’re here for you, and we’ll work with you to insure your vehicle for just the same,” Levy said.

He continued, “We are excited to introduce Hu$$le to our customers and anticipate the positive impact it will have on their insurance needs.

Hu$$le is available for Personal Motor Vehicles for Third Party Coverage and Full Coverage. It can be purchased at any of BCIC’s eight branches or agents throughout the island.

The product is currently only available in Jamaica. But BCIC has indicated its intention to launch soon in Barbados.


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