Bungie Employees Praise Developer’s Health Insurance Plan


Bungie employees discuss one of the main benefits of working with Bungie: a popular and trusted health care plan.

Bungie Health Care Plan

Bungie is well established as a game developer that creates excellent sci-fi first-person shooter games. The main example at the moment is Destiny 2, the most successful looter shooter game around.

However, while most players are familiar with the gameplay of Destiny 2 and its ups and downs, on the industry side, Bungie shines as a major focus for many developers. There are several reasons for this, the main one perhaps being the care with which Bungie treats its developers. An important part of this is the health insurance plan that comes with the job.

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Bungie employees seem to like the company’s health insurance plan and are quick to praise it. In a tweet, an employee said that Bungie “has by far the best health insurance I have ever had as an adult. It is such a relief.” There are several responses to the tweet praising Bungie’s health insurance plan in a similar vein. With Bungie hiring to bring destiny in television and cinema, it may well be that the new positions concerned are competitive for the health plan offered, among other reasons.

The extent to which the health insurance plan makes life easier is developed by another tweet, presumably also from a Bungie employee. The tweet explains how Medicare ensures that “you can walk into any doctor’s office and watch the front desk light up when they realize what insurance you have.” This kind of security relieves the shoulders of anyone living in a country with privatized health insurance. While Destiny 2 players sometimes highlight issues with the game, it’s clear that on the development side, people couldn’t be happier with their insurance.

Most telling of all is a tweet that says “I know people who left their old studios and came to Bungie specifically for healthcare.” Other tweets echoed the sentiment, some hopefully speaking of working for Bungie for the same reason. As the Destiny 2 community coming together to explain the game, the developers at Bungie come together to explain why the company itself is so great.

Amid the often negative news about game developers these days, like the ongoing lawsuit against Activision Blizzard, it’s good to know that there is a great games company that is loved by gamers who play its titles and developers who play their titles. work for it. We hope Bungie continues to treat its employees well.

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