From Illness to Wellness: How Medicare Leads That Path


The recent awareness and increased demand for health insurance schemes can be cited as a sudden effect of the pandemic which has forced people to insure themselves and their family members out of fear. Indeed, health insurance has proven instrumental during the pandemic which has helped people to access various medical facilities and medicines at the time of emergency.

However, limiting our thoughts that health insurance is necessary until the COVID19 wave is at its peak is absolutely a mistaken presumption. Similar to our savings and wealth creation which are accumulated for the long term crisis management system; Health insurance is also a worthwhile investment at the time of any medical emergency that gives us the financial freedom to seek out the best treatments to save lives.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in India, about 5.8 million Indians die every year due to diabetes, cancer, stroke, heart and lung diseases. In other words, in 4 Indians, 1 is likely to die of non-communicable diseases before the age of 70.

With diseases spreading at such a rapid rate, a comprehensive health insurance plan proves to be one of the best solutions to keep diseases at bay with timely and proper treatments without wavering under the burden of financial pressure. .

With the advancements made in the health insurance industry, there is a wide range of health insurance plans with multiple services available in the market which allows you to select the most suitable plan for you and your family and pay depending on the services taken. There are special plans for critical illness, personal accident, maternity, elderly, or in case anyone wants to go deeper into the specs, there are insurance plans for heart disease, diabetes, cataract and more.

Additionally, the myth that health insurance only pays for hospitalization no longer exists as it plays a vital role in daycare, OPD and home care treatments that are usually an integral part of the plan in the new age plans. This means that there are no additional charges for services other than hospitalization.

In fact, health insurance companies have found an effective way to deliver on their promise, which is constant support with a cool feature called rollback. In restoration health insurance plans, the insured amount is automatically restored once it is consumed by the policy. This feature ensures that the policy holder never runs out of money in their insurance plan during the term of the policy.

Not only the freedom to live life to the fullest, but today health insurance helps you save your money by charging service-specific premiums. This results in no waste of money.

Additionally, health insurance plans play a pivotal role in ensuring that your savings remain protected for your future goals instead of being spent on health emergencies. Primarily, health insurance plans are lighter when taken early in life and bring your insurance plan to the level of maturity where it begins to cover illnesses after the waiting period to save your extra money on the premium.

The ongoing evolution in health insurance isn’t just about plans and benefits, but the explosion of the online insurance aggregator industry has empowered consumers to make a confirmed selection with comparison, free quotes and ease of payment. quick and easy purchase., in partnership with most of the major health insurance companies in the country, offers the most suitable health insurance plans for each visitor with the help of artificial intelligence. With dedicated customer service, this IRDAI-approved and highly trusted web-based insurance aggregator in the industry marks excellence in customer support.



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