Here is an insurance plan that covers your risk and gives fixed returns

What is every investor’s biggest fear? Not seeing your investment grow in a way that will help you reach the financial goal, right? Today’s fluctuating interest rates and volatile market conditions can make it difficult to help you achieve your long-term financial goal or even negatively impact your overall returns.

Each individual’s goal and capacity for risk-taking is different. Therefore, it is crucial to start by setting financial goals and having a diversified investment portfolio to help achieve them. This allows for a balanced approach to achieving financial goals. While some investors may choose to take higher risks for higher returns, there may be many more who are not comfortable doing so and wish to achieve their life goals with minimal risk. be affected by short-term volatility.

Here is something that can help those investors or even those looking for a balanced investment portfolio.

The recent
#YehBhiSahiHaBajaj Allianz Life’s i campaign is proof of that. Whatever your need, you can achieve it by investing in guaranteed return plans. The campaign brings to life the true nature of guaranteed returns plans – ensuring fixed returns to ensure you achieve your life goals, successfully!

Investors with a low appetite for risk can opt for such investment plans and can choose the preferred option that suits them. The added benefit of choosing a guaranteed return plan from a life insurer is the life insurance coverage that each investor gets. The double benefit makes them really rich in value. They are also simple to understand life insurance plans since the yield is already known from the start of the policy. This makes it easier for investors to consider the corpus at the end of the contract term and thus plan their life goals accordingly.

Benefits of Guaranteed Returns Plans:

  1. Works as an insulator: Protects financial goals against the effects of situations such as stock market volatility and fluctuating interest rates.
  2. Second source of income: By choosing the right guaranteed plan, you can supplement your regular income with the returns from these plans that will help you achieve your life goals.
  3. Additional Benefits of Tax Saver and Life Coverage: Life coverage can help policyholders financially protect their family and dependents in the event of premature death. In addition to this, these plans also save you tax up to Rs 1.5 lakh under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act 1961, subject to the provisions which are set out there. You can enjoy tax benefits not only on the premium paid, but also on the benefits received from the scheme.
  4. Balanced portfolio: Suitable for people who invest in market-linked funds as it helps them balance their overall portfolio by diversifying their assets.
  5. Lock returns: Suitable for those who want to lock in returns today in a fluctuating interest rate environment.

Bajaj Allianz Life offers a range of guaranteed return plans suitable for different life stages. You can choose products like Bajaj Allianz Life POS Goal Suraksha which is a non-medical plan. Or opt for their recently launched plan, Bajaj Allianz Life Assured Wealth Goal, which gives you guaranteed income for up to 30 years.

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