ICICI Lombard launches a new insurance policy for doctors. Read here to find out more


ICICI Lombard General Insurance has launched a new liability insurance policy, especially for doctors. This new insurance policy has been classified in the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) category. According to the insurer, the policy covers any legal liability incurred during the investigation, the costs of representation of a lawyer, the compensation of claims, omission as well as negligence, during the provision of professional services.

Why did they launch this policy?

ICICI Lombard said that as a provider of professional services, it understands doctors are particularly vulnerable to human error and can be held accountable by their patients. This is the reason why they have launched such an insurance policy, so that the necessary legal and financial assistance can be provided to the medical practitioners, if any error occurs during the services rendered.

“Doctors and healthcare professionals are subject to uncertainty and risk as they are on the front lines of saving lives. Errors, omissions or sometimes unintentional negligence are an integral part of their professional life,” says Sanjeev Mantri, Executive Director, ICICI Lombard.

What are the characteristics of this policy?

This new policy launched by ICICI Lombard covers all specializations and also provides an instant policy number issuance feature. There is also a legal assistance service in case the insured person needs assistance with claims.

ICICI Lombard said the premiums were set taking into account dynamic market conditions and the unique requirements of doctors who might need them.

“As a company, we are committed to protecting the interests and providing the best financial and legal security to medical practitioners, because they truly deserve the same,” adds Mantri.

In the event of a lawsuit against physicians covered by this policy, all legal defense costs incurred during the investigation process, including representation costs, will be provided. Compensation for claims arising from bodily injury or death caused by error, omission or negligence of the insured physician will also be provided.

This policy will also provide coverage against invalid claims where the insured doctor is found not to be at fault, but still has to pay legal fees and compensation for settling claims awarded by the court. .

This policy will also cover all cases of medical malpractice allegations and legal actions resulting from breach of contractual confidentiality agreements.

“Any injured person has the right to claim damages for medical negligence against him. In such cases, our professional indemnity insurance protects doctors against all professional risks, such as legal defense costs, compensation claims, injuries, among others, as well as against invalid claims,” adds Mantri.

Who can buy this?

The following people can purchase this policy:

  • Medical graduates working as resident doctors
  • Practicing health professionals
  • A medical specialist, who works in a specialized field of study
  • Doctors who work with a hospital or have their own private practice

Where to buy this font?

The policy can be purchased online here and at all ICICI Lombard policy agents and distributors.


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