Insurance policy overhaul of the Calumet Theater



The Calumet Theater is dark for the month of December. Board chairman Dan Jamison said the organization was reworking its insurance policy with help from the Leveque agency.

What I did was get the basic $ 2 million liability and an additional $ 1 million balloon liability and alcohol liability fund. For that, since they serve beer and wine, it seems pragmatic to have such a policy in place, unlike before, where we just didn’t have these covers.

Jamison says the new policy is more suited to the entertainment industry compared to the general operational goal of the previous one. There is no time limit for its entry into force, as vacations can cause unforeseen delays.

Tonight at 6:45 p.m., the Calumet Village Council will hold a special meeting on the theater lease. Jamison says he has attended previous meetings since being selected for his new role as chairman of the board. He reiterates what he said at these gatherings. Jamison wants the village and the theater company to be more active in cooperation on the installation.

What I’m going to try to do is suggest that they enter into a partnership agreement rather than just a lease with the landlord.

So far, the council has only consulted its municipal attorneys on the lease. The redesign of the document is in its very early stages.

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