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Time is running out and frustration grows for the family of Taneka Gardner, the woman whose throat was slit in a sacrificial ceremony at Pathways International Kingdom Restoration Church last October as her insurance claims process went downhill. eternizes.

Septimus Gardner said The gleaner that the family could not obtain the closure because their daughter has still not been buried.

Gardner said the funeral home that has Taneka’s body announced a six-week delay, after which the family will incur charges of $ 3,500 per day for storage.

“I believe it is high time that she bury him now,” said the patriarch of the family.

Gardner said his daughter’s former workplace, ATL, with which the contract was drawn up, did not provide clarity on the beneficiaries of the insurance policy. The family cries out scandal at being left in the dark.

“They turn it around and say brother alone about life insurance, and mother and brother about pension insurance. Son on nothing, ”Gardner said.

Gardner said he initially received conflicting information that Taneka’s brother was made the beneficiary of the pension while Taneka’s brother and mother were reportedly listed on life insurance.

Taneka’s mother is said to be ill, and as a result, another daughter, Shelana Gardner, is acting as a proxy on her mother’s behalf.

The family said they could not afford to hire a lawyer to act on their behalf.

The Gardners said The gleaner that there was no movement 10 weeks after Taneka’s tragic death.

Donna Cole, head of human resources at ATL, offered a terse response Thursday to Gleaner queries.

“We acknowledge receipt of your email below and inform you that we have no comments at this time,” Cole said.

Shelana Gardner said she ran into a brick wall.

“The lady told me that she couldn’t give me any information because it was too early. They’ll have to wait for the burial order to come in and stuff, and they’ll have to call me. I haven’t received a call from them until today, ”Shelana said Wednesday of another ATL representative.

The family said all of the purported beneficiaries have come together and requested a conference with ATL, to no avail.

They said The gleaner they went to Guardian Life, the insurer, but were referred to ATL.

“Guardian Life says they shouldn’t send me there because it’s company policy. ATL is the person who signed the policy, so she should be giving me the information, ”Shelana said.

The Gardners say they don’t know the exact value of the insurance policy.

Shelana said she saw documents in 2019 suggesting her sister attempted to make Pastor Kevin Smith a beneficiary. However, she did not see anything official.

Smith, who allegedly plotted to have Taneka murdered, died in a car crash a week after her death.

“In 2017, 2018, I found a certificate and it has my brother’s name on it. I cannot find the copy of the 2019 certificate. [name redacted] told me they haven’t received a print of the certificate in 2020, 2021, so she doesn’t know how much is on the font, and that can’t be possible, ”Shelana said.

Andre Ruddock, an associate of Smith, is charged with the murder of Taneka Gardner.

Ruddock reportedly confessed to police that he used a knife to slit Gardner’s throat on October 17.

Prosecutors speculate that he was commissioned by Smith to carry out the deed.

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