Judges will hear arguments for breach of insurance contract and for-hire murder


Indiana Supreme Court justices are expected to hear oral arguments in two cases next week, including a dispute that split an appeal panel earlier this year over a broken insurance contract and a murder for pay in Scott County.

In Clark County CTMIR v. Glenn Reis, Dale Bottorff, Jimmie Sanders, Steve Stumler, 21S-CT-00343, four former board members of the Clark County Rural Electricity Membership Company, also known as REMC, sued and argued that REMC broke its contract by canceling its long-standing policy of providing long-term administrators with post-retirement health care benefits. .

The Clark Circuit Court issued summary judgment for the directors on their breach of contract claim and a split panel of the Indiana Court of Appeals upheld. However, a dissenting judge concluded that the majority had engaged in a “logical error” in concluding that the utility was obligated to continue providing coverage to claimants.

The judges granted the transfer and agreed to hear the case in oral argument scheduled for 9 a.m. EDT on Oct. 7 in the Indiana Supreme Court courtroom in Indianapolis.

The High Court will also hear oral arguments in Johnetta Ruth Hall v. Indiana State, 20S-LW-00660. There, Johnetta Hall was convicted of murder and conspiracy to commit murder. She was sentenced by a special judge in the Jennings Circuit Court to life without parole for murder and a concomitant sentence of 35 years for conspiracy.

On appeal, Hall challenges the sufficiency of the evidence and advances arguments relating to the use of the deposition testimony of a co-conspirator. She is also asking the Supreme Court to reduce her sentence for conspiracy.

Argument in this case will take place at 10 a.m. EDT on October 7 in the courtroom of the Indiana Supreme Court.

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