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Dissatisfied with the insurance plan

Aetna has now been chosen as the new preferred benefit organization for retired state employees – even though there are no doctors in Champaign County who will take this insurance. (Enter your zip code on the Aetna website, it will say.)

Aetna says he has a deal with Carle, but Carle’s doctors say no.

Aetna “misspoke” her offer by saying Carle’s doctors were accessible. Aetna waived charging state premiums in the first year and possibly subsequent years – which is not common insurance practice.

Will incomes be earned by higher rates for pensioners – many of whom worked for the state for years at lower wages than could have been earned elsewhere, in part because of pension benefits?

Has the state learned nothing from how Aetna has operated with its current state contracts?

Central Management Services (CMS) is complicit in this by failing to comply with the law requiring them to meet to discuss criteria before scoring offers. And it’s all been so secret that journalists have had to file requests through freedom of information laws to get the basic information we have now. Interestingly, no health maintenance organization contract was awarded for this county. This means that retirees will have to take the PPO offered.

Retirees, please let CMS and the Governor’s Office know that we want access to our current physicians and a reasonable cap on out-of-pocket expenses. We want the excellent service provided by United HealthCare.

The News-Gazette’s lack of interest in such an important story is appalling.




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