Loan with low interest rates.

Would you like to be the winner of the zero interest rate policy? Are you looking for a loan with low interest rates to meet your needs?

We want you to discover cheap loan offers that match your personal credit rating. With a small market overview, we will guide you through the current credit market. You will see that a lot has changed.

Loan with cheap interest rates – old interest savings models waver

Loan with cheap interest rates - old interest savings models waver

In the ongoing struggle against the windmills of imaginary deflation, low interest rate credit is the Lender Bank’s manslaughter argument. The Good Bank launches new, thicker guns almost every month. The Good Bank not only lends its money without interest, it even demands penalty interest from banks that hold money. Lender Bank boss Von Bayde wants to save the USD regardless of savers and pensions. As a result, interest rates on installment loans have dropped significantly.

When looking for a loan, the development of interest rates is of course fundamentally positive. Nevertheless, the Good Bank program does not cut interest rates on all classic loan offers. In the past, long-term loans from life insurance companies, for example, were considered particularly favorable. The so-called civil servant loan compensated for the actual financing costs through generous profit sharing.

Today, many insurance companies are desperately looking for safe investments. Large surpluses, as in the past, no longer generate the companies. As a result, the profit participation no longer relieves borrowers of the financing costs. In the pure comparison of interest rates, the former interest rate savings offers of insurance companies are hardly competitive anymore. As a safe tip for the loan with low interest rates, they are definitely out.

Saving Interest Rates Comparing Loans – “Savings Savings Loans”

Saving Interest Rates Comparing Loans - "Savings Savings Loans"

Interested parties can now find the lowest-interest loan in online loan comparison. Only three entries – loan amount, term and purpose of use are enough – so that a good credit comparison lists all inexpensive offers pre-sorted. If something is played with the setting parameters, the interest is not the same for every loan amount.


For loans with low interest rates, financing offers stand out up to a net loan of 3,000 USD. The Good Bank’s policy actually has a significant impact on small loans with a term of 12 to 36 months. It is not yet possible to finance at no cost. But for 1.99 percent (interest rate regardless of personal credit rating), the lowest-interest bank offers its small loan.

Medium Term Loan:

The comparison of interest rates for regular loan offers for larger consumer loans is no less inviting. If, for example, 10,000 USD / 60 months are to be financed at an interest rate that is independent of creditworthiness, the Cream Bank tops the list. Although almost twice as expensive compared to small loans, 3.89 percent are still significantly cheaper than a year ago. The same loan would have cost about 4.5 percent effective interest at this bank in 2015.

Small installment loan:

The development of longer terms is particularly striking when comparing the interest rates from 2016 to the first half of the previous year. A loan with low interest rates and a long term contradicted in the past. The yield curve rises significantly above 60 months. If 10,000 USD were financed for 84 months today, the Agree Bank will lead the interest comparison. Without the influence of personal creditworthiness on the interest rate, she offers the loan at the effective annual interest rate of 3.64 percent.

Risk loan from a bank – low interest rates despite poor creditworthiness?

Risk loan from a bank - low interest rates despite poor creditworthiness?

Interest rates have not only changed significantly in recent years. The credit decision today is mainly based on the score. The rather personnel-intensive process of checking individual cases has disappeared from almost all financial institutions. With a good credit rating, lending goes very quickly today, but it becomes difficult when there are debt-related or not-due credit problems.

A personnel-intensive credit check in connection with a decision on a case-by-case basis is practically only available to “loan providers” to their lending customers. The increased lending costs stand in the way of the desire for a loan with favorable interest rates. In comparison to the interest rates compared to previous years, little has changed in the risk credit of commercial providers – right down to credit without Credit Bureau. The interest rate level has remained roughly the same except for subtleties.

Private lenders – serious risk credit from private

Private lenders - serious risk credit from private

Borrowing money from private investors is problematic without the serious background of a credit brokerage portal, in collaboration with a settlement bank. The portals Good Lender and Good Finance have been praised in the press for serious credit brokerage from private to private for years.

With regard to a loan with low private interest rates, the interest pressure on the Good Bank affects the inflow of investors. Private lending is increasingly being used as a way out of the interest rate trap in the savings book. Private lending, professionally organized, promises moderate interest gains without taking a disproportionate risk. Investors invest in small installments. The risk of default is reduced across many investment projects.

Most not only spread the risk by investing in a certain type of investment, but also mixing the risk distribution. Most of the capital is invested in safe investments, risk credit offers the prospect of additional interest income. The high supply of investors willing to invest naturally also affects the interest income to be generated. Investors are happy to grant low-interest loans if they can trust the security of their investment.

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