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Today, with rapidly escalating health care costs, which continue to grow at an unsustainable rate, most people prefer to delay or cancel treatment altogether because they cannot always afford to pay medical bills. high hospital. This is where health insurance comes in. When we have no compromise health insurance plan, there is no need to scramble to find funds to pay for hospital and treatment costs. The health plan does all of the heavy lifting paying for the costs, while you can focus on the results of the treatment and get back to your health.

Health insurance in India covers the treatments required for a wide range of ailments and illnesses, from the most serious such as cancer to injuries resulting from an accident. However, those who have been hesitant to purchase health insurance in the past have dramatically revised their views after COVID-19 struck and wreaked havoc in India and around the world. The number of people purchasing health insurance policies from the start of the COVID-19 epidemic to date has increased by leaps and bounds. Today people are not asking the question “why do I need health insurance” but rather “how much do I need and which plan is future-proof given that life increases, resulting in new and existing risks? And now, to address the main issues customers face, ManipalCigna Health Insurance has unveiled what is arguably one of the most value-based insured products to date – the ManipalCigna Lifetime health plan.

Why is the ManipalCigna Lifetime Health plan important?

There are several health insurance plans that offer opportunities for improving coverage upon renewal. But the ManipalCigna Lifetime Health plan offers gradual improvement in coverage across different life stages, with coverage for up to 27 major illnesses and changing health care needs over the life of the patient. one person. This plan is of particular importance to those struggling with post-COVID-19 health complications, or those with a genetic predisposition to serious illness. It is also useful for those looking to cover both elderly parents and young children under the protection of a comprehensive health policy.

Basically, the plan offers:

– High level of protection; capital insured options ranging from ??50 lakh to ??3 crores.

– The plan provides coverage for modern and advanced treatments like robotics, cyberknife and mental healing.

– It covers the unique health care needs of the individual at different stages of life.

– A value-based high amount insured product comes in two plan variants, namely ManipalCigna Lifetime Health India plan (offering full coverage in India only) and ManipalCigna Lifetime Health Global plan (offering full coverage in India and selective health coverage outside India for up to 27 critical illnesses).

– A high degree of coverage customization with optional and needs-based packages such as Health +, Women +, Global + and Critical Illness rider to make the plan comprehensive and flexible.

– Thus, the plan covers the insured (s) throughout their life, with a plan that changes as their life evolves.

Other important benefits of the ManipalCigna Lifetime Health Plan:

Hospitalization in India – If the sum insured is ??2 crore, then the insured can take any room category except suite or higher category. If the sum insured is ??3 crore, the insured can take any hospital room, including the suite category.

– There is unlimited restore for unrelated illnesses to ensure you never run out of coverage

– Benefits on the total insured capital are maintained for the transferred plans if the existing insured capital is ??10 lakhs and more, that is to say that there is a first of its kind, continuity benefits on the entire sum insured chosen for those who already have a basic sum insured (excluding cumulative bonus)

– Policyholders have lifetime access to the best healthcare anywhere in India and overseas, with cashless hospitalization benefit for up to 27 critical illnesses listed overseas (as part of the Global plan)

– ManipalCigna Health Insurance rewards policyholders with loyalty discounts on renewal of premiums from the fourth year of insurance until life. A 5% loyalty discount is offered from the fourth to the seventh year and a 10% discount on the premium applicable from the eighth year. Likewise, there is a 15% family discount if you cover two or more family members under the same individual contract.

You can study the features and benefits of the plan in the policy document on the ManipalCigna website. In an age when critical illness can strike without warning, a comprehensive and adaptable health insurance plan is the safety net you can count on for today and in the future.

Disclaimer: This is a company press release. No HT journalist is involved in the creation of this content.

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