Nearly 75% of employees will trade health plan features for significant savings, Centivo survey finds


“Human Resources Managers often believe that their employees will never agree to health plan changes that in any way limit or direct health care choices, even though these changes could be very beneficial from a cost perspective,” said Alain Cohen, Product Manager, Centivo. “The good news is that our survey results prove that this conventional wisdom among employers is actually a myth that for far too long has served as a roadblock to dramatic improvements in accessibility.”

The most popular compromises among respondents include some changes to the basic features of common health plans. For example, exactly half of respondents (50%) say they are willing to accept referrals for specialists as a requirement. Almost the same percentage (47%) say they are comfortable with selecting a primary care physician (PCP) from a defined list. Perhaps more surprisingly, almost a third (30%) say they will abandon their current PCP and more than a quarter (28%) would stop seeing a current specialist (see Figure 1).

“The health care affordability crisis facing American workers is well documented within the business community and society at large,” Cohen said. “To really help reverse this trend, however, employers and the advisors who serve them should feel empowered to make health plan changes that have historically been seen as highly disruptive. Their employees are in fact ready, willing and able to ‘to accept significant health plan sacrifices for significant financial savings.’

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About the Centivo Healthcare and Financial Sacrifice Survey, 2021

Centivo engaged SSRS, a full-service survey and market research firm known for its innovative methodologies and optimized research designs, to better understand the financial sacrifices people have to make due to unexpected medical expenses. SSRS conducted the survey in August 11-24, 2021. The responses come from 805 US adults ages 18 to 64 who have maintained employer-sponsored private health insurance coverage for at least the past two years. Respondents were selected from the SSRS Opinion Panel, the SSRS Probability-Based Panel sample, and completed via the web using a self-administered online survey. The margin of error is +/- 4.5% for all 805 respondents and for the information found in Figure 1.

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