New AXA Max Wealth insurance plan offers guaranteed cash value from day one[1] up to 81% lump sum payment with a guaranteed payback period as short as 5 years[2]Economic news


Combine life protection and wealth accumulation features with the flexible designation option to provide unique flexibility in estate planning

HONG KONG SAR – Media Outreach – August 1, 2022 – AXA Hong Kong and Macau (AXA) today announced the launch of its Max Wealth Insurance Plan (“Max Wealth”), which offers a market-leading guaranteed payback period as short as 5 years[2] and guaranteed cash value on policy start day up to 81%[1] lump sum payment. With Max Wealth, clients are able to achieve their funding goals with optimal asset liquidity and ultimately unlock the full potential for wealth accumulation. Additionally, Max Wealth also offers a flexible designation option allowing clients to transfer a portion of the policy value to another insured with no time limit.[3] , allowing the policyholder greater flexibility for inheritance planning. By incorporating Lifetime Protection, Max Wealth eases the client’s burden when faced with unexpected situations in life, and by passing its values ​​and outlook on life from one generation to the next.

AXA Hong Kong and Macau today announced the launch of their Max Wealth insurance plan. (From left to right: Kevin Chor, Chief Life and Health Insurance Officer, AXA Hong Kong and Macau, and Howard Pou, Chief Distribution Officer, AXA Greater China)

Kevin Chor, Chief Life and Health Insurance Officer, AXA Hong Kong and Macao said, “Market research has shown that the median and average wealth per adult in Hong Kong reached $174,000 (about HKD 1.36 million) and $503,000 (about HKD 3.95 million) respectively. , ranking third in the world.[4] . Additionally, the number of high net worth (HNW) and mass individuals has increased in Hong Kong and reached 3.9 million in 2021, accounting for 60.6% of the total population.[5] . These statistics indicate a huge market demand for wealth management products. Savings products with a higher guaranteed cash value and shorter break-even point will give customers more confidence, especially in today’s volatile market conditions. To address this issue, Max Wealth was launched for clients to build resilience into their portfolios, which allows for high asset liquidity and flexibility in various market conditions, allowing them to have the flexibility to react quickly to the market. and achieve their long-term wealth goals. legacy accumulation and planning.

Four notable features of Maximum wealth are the following:

  1. Ultra-short premium payment term of 2 years to free clients from long-term payment commitments

    With a minimum initial investment of USD 20,000 (approximately HKD 157,000), Max Wealth offers a convenient ultra-short premium payment term of 2 years with a lump sum payment arrangement to eliminate the burden of long-term payment commitments. For customers who opt for the lump sum payment, the prepaid amount will accrue interest during the first year of insurance at a guaranteed preferential interest rate in a Future Premium Deposit Account (“FPDA”). The amount will be automatically deducted from the FPDA to settle the annual premium for the second year of insurance at the end of the first year of insurance.

  2. Market-leading 5-year guaranteed payback period[2] with guaranteed cash value on day 1[1] until 81% of the lump sum payment and at release potential to accumulate wealth with flexibility and efficiency

    Under the lump sum payment arrangement, the sum of the Guaranteed Cash Value and the FPDA balance of the policy at the start of the policy will be up to 81%[1] lump sum payment. The guaranteed cash value will continue to grow over the policy years and will reach 100% of the lump sum payment by the end of the fifth policy year.[2] . This gives clients extra confidence in achieving their financial goals. At the end of the third policy year, a final dividend may be payable to Max Wealth clients upon policy surrender, policy maturity or death of the insured.[6] .

    Additionally, Max Wealth’s expected 10-year total internal rate of return can be as high as 3.8%.[7] . Beginning on the 15th policy anniversary, clients may request to exercise the terminal dividend lock-in option to lock in earnings with no aggregate limit for the lock-in rate. In addition, part or all of the value of the terminal participation locked-in account can be withdrawn in a single payment at any time without surrendering the policy to meet the financial needs of the client at different stages of his life.

  3. Flexible inheritance planning with the Flexi Designation option

    AXA understands that a client’s wealth goals and legacy plans can change at different stages of life. With this in mind, Max Wealth clients can apply for the flexible “split policy” option after the end of the second year of insurance. This means transferring part of the policy value to a separate Max Wealth policy and naming another person as the insured, and the period of cover will continue until the new insured reaches the age of 138. This transfer process can be exercised unlimited. times[3] making estate planning more flexible and ensuring a solid financial foundation for future generations and the insured’s loved ones.

  4. Simple application process requiring no physical health checks, providing lifelong protection for your loved ones

    Max Wealth policyholder can unlock this wealth building plan by completing simple application procedures without declaring their health information[8] . Max Wealth also offers lifetime protection. In the unfortunate event of the insured’s death, the named beneficiary will receive a death benefit equal to the greater of up to 105%[9] the total standard premium paid or guaranteed cash value, plus the final non-guaranteed dividend and locked-in account value of the final dividend (if applicable). The designated beneficiary can also choose to receive the compensation either as a lump sum payment, an installment payment, or a hybrid payment. This feature ensures that the client’s wealth can benefit their family and future generations.

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The above information is provided for guidance only. For full details of product features, content, conditions and exclusions, please see the product brochure and policy provisions.

[1] The Flexi Designation Option may be exercised an unlimited number of times subject to such minimum notional amount requirement as may be determined by the Company from time to time.
[2] Information extracted from the “Global Wealth Databook 2021”.
[3] Data extracted from “Wealth Market Analytics”, issued by GlobalData 2021.
[4] The terminal dividend is an unsecured benefit and may vary depending on factors such as investment returns, claims, policy persistence and usage of policy options.

[5] Projection based on lump sum payment arrangement and assumed guaranteed prime interest rate of 4% per annum and will vary as the guaranteed prime interest rate changes.

[6] If the total premiums for the Max Wealth Basic Plan and designated participating life insurance plans are less than or equal to $5 million, no medical underwriting is required.

[7]If the insured dies (a) after the end of the 3rd insurance year and (b) when the initial age of the insured is 70 years or less.

[8]If the total premiums for the Max Wealth Basic Plan and designated participating life insurance plans are less than or equal to $5 million, no medical underwriting is required.
[9] If the insured dies (a) after the end of the 3rd insurance year and (b) when the initial age of the insured is 70 years or less.

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