New Health Care Plan OK for Non-Union Employees in the City of Seneca Falls | New


SENECA FALLS – Non-union city workers will benefit from a new health insurance plan in 2022.

At its August meeting, city council voted to offer an Excellus Blue Cross-Blue Shield plan called Bronze 4. It will increase employee premium contributions from 10% to 20%. While reducing the cost of the city, it also reduces the personal expenses of the employees.

“It’s a big cost in our budget,” said city supervisor Mike Ferrara. “We want to reduce our costs because the revenues will decrease. We also want to be fair to employees.

Meetings with employees from various departments will be organized to explain the new plan. Ferrara said the new plan would likely be a negotiating item in contract talks with unionized workers in the city, which includes the police department.

• The board of directors applied to the state’s Department of Environmental Conservation for approval of its waste disposal area at the installation of the city’s highways department, a necessary step in the creation of ‘an organics recycling program for city residents at this site.

• Council members discussed the state’s new marijuana law and whether the city should consider withdrawing from the law to ban commercial sales of cannabis in the city, even though its use and its possession may be legal. If the board wants to step down, it must pass local law by December 31.

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