Qian Insurance Broking LLP specializes in factory and warehouse insurance policies


Qian Insurance Broking LLP offers comprehensive factory and warehouse insurance policies for factory owners who need to manage risk from incidents such as fire and theft.

Qian Insurance Broking is a renowned insurance broker that helps its clients with comprehensive insurance solutions to manage the various risks their businesses are exposed to.

Qian Insurance Broking offers individual insurance such as home insurance, health insurance, car insurance, term life insurance policy, pet dog insurance and travel insurance, as well as insurance solutions. commercial insurance such as contractor’s all risk insurance policy, trade credit insurance policy, group health insurance policy. for employees, workers’ compensation insurance, etc. Business enterprises can opt for affordable liability insurance, employee benefits, and professional and commercial insurance that protects them against unexpected losses.

At an industry conference held recently, Qian Insurance Broking’s spokesperson revealed, “Factories and warehouses form the backbone of all manufacturing and storage-related activities in India. A factory facility involves the construction, installation of plants and machinery, and storage of raw materials and finished products. In addition, there are electrical equipment, furniture, lighting and many other things. Any damage to plant assets can be financially costly to the plant owner. Therefore, a factory owner should always take steps to protect themselves from such losses with the help of a factory insurance policy.

An accident or unfortunate event can happen at any time. Therefore, risk management is critical to the overall success of any business.

Qian Insurance Broking team offers customers a comprehensive factory insurance policy customized to meet the requirements of various businesses. The factory and warehouse insurance policy secures all factory assets and mitigates the risks associated with a fire. A factory insurance policy reimburses the insured for any physical damage to their property due to various perils, such as fires, natural disasters such as earthquakes, storms, and cyclones. The coverages of a factory fire insurance policy offered by Qian are comprehensive to adequately protect the factory owner against the majority of risks. The insurance policy can be extended to include various additional coverages in a fire insurance policy so that additional additional costs that arise, such as expenses for debris removal and fees for architects, surveyors and consultants, are also covered.

In addition, the spokesperson said, “Our factory insurance policy can also be extended to cover business interruption that a factory owner faces during the period that business operations remain interrupted. due to plant damage from fire. This extension is also known as business interruption insurance policy or fire loss of profits insurance policy.

“It usually takes time to restore an entire factory after it has been damaged by fire. In such a scenario, business interruption insurance can help the factory owner meet their fixed expenses such as salary and rent, which continue even though revenues and profits have suffered from the downturn. interruption of activity.

“So we always suggest taking out business interruption cover in addition to the factory insurance policy.”

It is important to take the assistance of an insurance broker when purchasing a factory insurance policy. An insurance broker will ensure competitive premiums for a factory fire insurance policy by obtaining quotes from multiple insurance companies and providing comprehensive coverages. An insurance broker with an experienced team like Qian will also be of great help when settling claims.

About Qian Insurance Broking LLP:

Qian Insurance Broking offers valuable personal and business insurance through its renowned insurance partners. Whether a client is concerned about the cost of fire insurance for a factory or concerned about the safety of a warehouse, the broker helps them all with its high quality insurance risk management advice.

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