Student health insurance plan selected for the 2015-16 school year


Academic Health Plans was selected as the 2015-16 Student Health Insurance Plan.

Each year, the University of Arkansas contracts a student health insurance plan. During the 2014-15 academic year, the University of Arkansas circulated an offer for student health insurance plans that would be more cost effective for students who enroll in the plan.

The bid committee recommended that university health plans, underwritten by the United Healthcare Student Resources insurance plan, be awarded the contract for the 2015-2016 academic year. University health plans are affordable for students, provide them with access to reasonable dental and vision plans and support services to ensure good customer service for enrolled students.

The Student Health Insurance Plan complies with the Affordable Care Act, providing students with coverage for prevention, no pre-existing conditions, fair fees for dependent premiums, and no maximum coverage limitation.

“The Associated Student Government is pleased to announce that graduate assistant benefits will benefit from reduced costs,” said Tanner Bone, president of the Associated Student Government.

As of August 1, the University of Arkansas will cover 66.6% of the cost of the student health insurance plan for graduate assistants who choose to enroll in the plan.

“This new plan is an increase in benefit support for our graduate assistants and also reduces the portion they have had to pay in past years,” said Scout Johnson, Associated Student Government Graduate Congress speaker .

“An added benefit of this new plan is the reduction in spousal and child enrollment costs,” Johnson said. “Previously, some premiums represented up to 280% of the cost of the student enrolled in the plan. Premiums for dependents are now the same as premiums charged for student enrollment.

“ASG appreciates the Student Medicare Review Committee, especially Assistant Vice-President Mary Alice Serafini for inviting the Associate Student Government Graduate Student Congress to participate in this process and come up with a better plan. to all of our students, ”Johnson mentioned.

For more information on student health insurance, please visit the Pat Walker Health Center website at


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