The Cowboys’ insurance policy for QB Dak Prescott is weak. Keep busy, Jones.


Cooper Rush won the Cowboys quarterback over Garrett Gilbert and Ben “Uncle Rico” DiNucci, whose unwavering confidence that he could throw him over that mountain over there was, indeed, impressive. Also unjustified. As our David Moore said, Rush didn’t win this competition, he survived it. Not good enough when the NFC East is ripe for picking.

Not when your $ 160 million quarterback hasn’t played a down in 10 months and is coming out of not one but two injuries.

The Cowboys need a better insurance policy than the one they bought. Or missed.

Cam Newton, anyone? Nick Foles could also be available. The Cowboys have previously missed Gardner Minshew, who went to the Eagles for a conditional sixth round pick. Minshew’s mustache is worth a sixth. He was pretty good for the pretty awful Jacksonville teams and now offers an alternative to Philadelphia, and not just if Jalen Hurts gets injured either.

The Joneses missed an opportunity. They cannot take a nap during the next one.

Normally, your fearless reporter wouldn’t do much to find another backup quarterback. This is what fans love to worry about. What many don’t seem to realize is that there aren’t enough decent quarterbacks to get around the rookies, let alone the substitutes. A story as rich as Foles coming off the bench to lead his team to a Lombardi Trophy is a fairy tale. Even now I’m not sure he actually did, considering he’s been 2-9 as a starter since.

What Foles has shown is that, while he’s not really a starter, he’s a formidable reliever.

And until we get a better idea of ​​where Dak is, the Cowboys could probably use one.

Consider a little history: During his hectic ownership, Jerry Jones has scoured the map with saves. It got big (Vinny Testaverde, Andy Dalton, Kyle Orton) and cheap (pretty much everyone). He doesn’t like spending money on someone who will do nothing but enjoy the view from the sidelines.

That’s what made it interesting that he signed Dalton last year. There was no reason to think it was necessary. Dak had been the league’s toughest quarterback, at least until a particularly gruesome injury in October.

Pressed to serve with Dak’s season ending, Dalton was not that great, as his 4-5 record will attest. But he wasn’t that great either. Considering he had to fight COVID and a concussion and fallout from a historically poor defense, he did about as well as one might expect.

If Dalton had remained healthy and the defense hadn’t been so bad, the Cowboys would have been a playoff team. You can argue that it wouldn’t have meant much. They would’ve been a quick exit, and they wouldn’t have had Micah Parsons, who is now emerging as the biggest star in Dan Quinn’s re-upholstered defense.

But let’s say Dak wouldn’t have suffered an end-of-season injury. Maybe just four or five games. In most cases, this is all you can expect from a backup. Dalton might have been good enough to keep the Cowboys in the middle lane until Dak came back.

The Cowboys’ current situation is based on two miscalculations: They believed Dak would be fully recovered, and they believed Gilbert’s debut against Pittsburgh last season was proof that he was good enough.

Frankly, I thought Gilbert would have been an adequate backup as well. But his playing in fake games has proven otherwise. That’s the thing about the preseason. There is more to be gained than just loosening the swing tackle.

Everyone needs a few reps before the regular season. Even the GOAT. Tom Brady played a few playoffs last weekend. Patrick Mahomes too. When Kevin Stefanski was asked why Baker Mayfield started against the Falcons the other night, the reigning Coach of the Year basically said it’s important to take care of the little things because they happen. add up.

Dak needed a couple of series against Jacksonville to get rid of the dust, at the very least. Instead, he’ll go cold in the opener against the reigning world champions.

Maybe we are doing too much. Maybe Dak has fully recovered from his ankle and shoulder injuries. But if so, why hasn’t he cut back on the preseason? Are the Cowboys Too Cautious? Or is there something they don’t tell us?

Whatever the situation, they need a backup that could lift them a bit with so many questions about Dak and so much going on online. Is Cam Newton the answer? Granted, he hasn’t done much since leading a team to the Super Bowl, and you can certainly question his judgment. Because he’s not vaccinated, he would have to jump through hoops just to get into the star next week. Still, I’d bet that if he got into a group of Cowboys, his new teammates would be happy to follow him out.

Of course, Cam might not want a backup job, and that’s why he’s no longer playing for Bill Belichick. What would the Bears want for Foles then? Call the Raiders about Marcus Mariota. Keep busy, Jones. Nap time is over.

FILE - New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton celebrates his touchdown pass to Devin Asiasi in the second half of an NFL football game against the New York Jets, in this photo by archive of Sunday January 3, 2021, in Foxborough, Mass.
Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones (left) and head coach Mike McCarthy visit on the sidelines as the rookies walk through the minicamp at The Star in Frisco, Texas on Friday, May 14, 2021.

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