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Eric Zauner, vice president of Robertson Ryan & Associates, presents information about Dodge County insurance coverage during a meeting Monday in the administration building. The Executive Committee heard the presentation and recommended the proposal for approval by the Board of Directors on June 21.


JUNEAU — Although Dodge County insurance rates have increased 14% for the next calendar year, they are in line with most Wisconsin counties and well below the 30% seen in previous years, according to the executive committee. County.

The rates were reported Monday afternoon by Eric Zauner, vice president of Robertson Ryan & Associates of Waukesha, at the Dodge County Executive Committee meeting held in the administration building.

Coverage begins July 1 for the following calendar year.

Robertson Ryan & Associates covers the following areas:

Storage tank environmental liability ($1 million per incident and $1 million total); Clearview General, Professional and Medical Liability ($1 million per occurrence, $1 million per bodily injury violation or publicity injury violation and $3 million total); motor bodily injury ($16.5 million for vehicles valued under $100,000 and over $100,000; property (including buildings, property, contractors’ equipment and business income valued at $253.6 million).

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Premiums totaled $315,585, up 14% from last year’s total of $274,969.

“That seems high to me,” said committee member Jenifer Hedrick.

“We are very happy with the pricing structure as it is,” Zauner said. “It’s just in the 4-15% window of our coverage pool. Clearview is one of the best skilled care facilities in the state of Wisconsin. Although Clearview’s premium has increased significantly, no one else can compete with the prices we currently have. »

“For what it’s worth, you’re seeing the same kind of increases in health insurance rates,” company attorney Kim Nass said.

Committee member Kira Sheahan-Malloy suggested a vehicle list be checked to make sure it’s up to date, which could possibly save some money, and Zauner said he would double-check. .

The committee voted unanimously, thus forwarding it to the county council for final approval.

Andrew Johnson, who had just been elected as secretary of the executive committee, gave an update on the ARPA funds rewards.

“So far, we’ve committed $4,468,800 of the $17 million we have available,” Johnson said. “The goal was to spend about half the money — about $8 million — and commit another $4 million before we wrap up this year’s meetings. Next year we will work to allocate the rest of our funds.

Johnson said more members could be added to the ARPA ad hoc group next year if other county council members wish to join.

He also suggested the county could limit Phase Two rewards to road repairs.

“We’re talking about $5 million, which isn’t a lot when it comes to road repairs,” he said. “I will need direction on this.”

The session ended with a lengthy discussion of county council rules. Topics include virtual participation by committee members, a rule to prevent resolutions from coming back for approval despite repeated refusal (approved and forwarded to council) and continuing to allow county council chairman Dave Frohling to put any question back on the agenda without a motion from the floor.


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