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The Clark County Tax Court has approved a plan to transfer health insurance coverage for county employees to a new provider, which will provide better access to health care and save taxpayers money.

Court held a special meeting on Monday to discuss the health insurance budget and solutions to mitigate liability.

After the county received a substantial increase in its health insurance budget, USI was hired to review the entire self-funded program for the county’s 99 employees.

“We recommended moving the program from their current carrier to a new carrier, which effectively reduced the county’s costs by 28%,” said Curtis Schwartz of USI.

Effective immediately, the change will save taxpayers approximately $200,000. The county had paid about $1.9 million for health insurance, but will now pay about $1.7 million in 2022. The county will make a decision later on how to handle employee contribution to health insurance premiums. assurance.

Magistrate Christopher Davis described the change as the “best possible outcome”.

Magistrate Daniel Konstantopoulos called the change that cuts costs and is better for employees a “big deal”.

The good news for employees is that they will now have better access to care with United Healthcare, a larger healthcare network.

“They will have access to a much larger healthcare network,” Schwartz said. “Right now it’s a big complaint that people don’t have access to care, can’t see their doctor because of the network. Now they will have a more efficient network to turn to.

Magistrate Greg Elkins said the transition between the plans “won’t be painless to endure (for employees), but it will be better in the long run”.


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