TrialWire launches StudyBoost, the clinical trial insurance plan


Digital Patient Recruitment Platform to Drive Rescue Trial Study Provides Peace of Mind for Sponsors, Clinical Directors and Their CROs

Test lead(TM), the most secure digital patient recruitment platform for trial rescue, announces the launch of StudyBoost, the monthly insurance plan that provides an instant increase in patient recruitment anytime, on a or all sites depending on recruitment needs.

With over 80% of clinical trials failing to recruit patients on time, 30% of research sites are unable to meet recruitment goals, and 10% of sites cannot recruit any patient, StudyBoost delivers peace of mind for clinical directors and their CROs. .

StudyBoost was designed for sponsors to avoid a trial rescue crisis, saving time and money. If a study needs additional patients, StudyBoost can start delivering instantly and at a significantly reduced cost compared to normal recruitment. There is no project fee and there is a 50% fee reduction for successful enrollment patients.

StudyBoost is ideal for sponsors and CROs who want to avoid prolonged recruiting blocks while they find a recruiting firm and process engagement documentation which can take weeks. This means that a study has a recruitment stimulus plan ready to be implemented anytime recruitment slows down.

The package is only available from the start of a study. StudyBoost is available through the TrialWire (TM) Self-Service Portal at

The TrialWire (TM) platform is the most secure service, using advanced algorithms to find the right people online who might be suitable for the studies listed on the platform. They are invited to the platform and submitted to the AI-Match Analyzer to determine an exact match with a based or remote / virtual study site.

No account registration is required to find and apply for a study. And unlike all other digital recruiting companies, TrialWire (TM) does NOT keep patient details – no databases, so no potential privacy breaches. Sponsors do not pay for the creation of databases where patients are sent for further studies.

The platform ingests study data from approved trial registries such as ClinicalTrials.Gov. It uses advanced algorithms, SEO, search marketing, social media, respected news sites, wellness blogs, and more to find patient / trial matches. The algorithms find people based on detailed demographic and geographic profiles.

TrialWire (TM) finds motivated people who are online and actively trying to find out more about their terms. These people can be connected to a site in under 2 minutes and have the highest retention rates.


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