University management accepts recommendation for DePaul Student Health Insurance Plan


Eric Henry

DePaul is currently one of only 23% of private universities in the United States that does not offer health insurance to its students.

DePaul management has accepted a recommendation from the DePaul Student Health Insurance Task Force to offer a health insurance plan to its students, according to Eugene Zdziarski, DePaul’s vice president for student affairs.

The university has not offered a health insurance plan to its students since 2014.

In January, a task force was created to explore the possible addition of a health insurance offering at DePaul. Since then, its members have researched health insurance plans used by other colleges, surveyed students about their insurance needs, and assessed the number of students needing health insurance at DePaul.

The Lookout Mountain Group (LMG), an expert group seeking to reform health care for the student population, released a report in 2018 detailing the rate of uninsurance among students. The report claims that more than 90% of students enrolled in institutions leading to a four-year degree have access to student health insurance or a benefits program provided by their college or university.

LMG also reported that 38% of public colleges and 77% of private colleges require students to have health insurance, according to a recent American College Health Association survey. DePaul is one of 23% who currently does not offer health insurance to his students.

As for the extent of coverage, cost and who the provider will be, those details have yet to be reviewed by university management, Zdziarski told The DePaulia. The process to offer students a university-sponsored medical coverage option is still ongoing.

Currently, DePaul contracts with an insurance broker – an intermediary who sells or negotiates insurance on behalf of a client – to identify potential insurance plans, premium rates and procedures for establishing insurance requirements. waiver farms for student health insurance, according to Zdziarski. He said the process will be overseen by the University Student Health Insurance Committee, which is still in the process of being set up.

University management has yet to share who the specific broker will be.


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