Upcoming Changes to the City’s Health Insurance Plan


There will be changes coming to City of Fort Lupton employee health insurance plans, though what those changes will mean remains to be seen.

Details were scarce at an Oct. 4 city council meeting; others are due at a town hall meeting (discussion without decision) on October 11, after press time.

Humana Inc. withdraws from the insurance business in Colorado. The contract stipulates that the company must provide 18 months. But the city’s director of human resources, Laura Howe, said the city will be left out of the plan next year.

“We are looking at options,” she told advisers. “Several carriers have refused to give us quotes. The best is United Health Care, but we are also looking at a few pools of healthcare providers. This will be a significant change.

“Fewer suppliers always means higher prices,” Mayor Zo Stieber-Hubbard said.

In other cases

The Board approved a reimbursement agreement with Union Pacific Railroad for the design of a controlled-access level crossing on Weld County Road 12. Staff notes indicate the costs would be approximately $35,000.

City officials believe increased development near WCR 12 and traffic on South Rollie Avenue will increase traffic at the crossing.

The Council also agreed to implement Colorado’s paid family and medical leave insurance law. Bonuses are due January 1 (0.9 of 1% of employee compensation split between and its employees).

Benefits are available Jan. 1, 2024. Staff said the cost could be as high as $70,000 a year. Weld County voters approved the law but by the slimmest of margins.

The council has accepted a proposal from Vortex Aquatics Structures International for the mechanical equipment and play features for the town’s new paddling pool. The cost will not exceed $262,000.

Staff notes indicate that the wading pool budget was $400,000. However, these notes indicate that Vortex increased its prices between 7% and 10% as of October 1.

With a 5% government rebate, council approval, and city acceptance of shipment, cost savings to the city could total between $32,000 and $40,000.

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