Zurich Hong Kong Launches ‘Helpersafe’ Domestic Helpers Insurance Plan, With Several New Coverages That Expand Scope of Support for Employers and Domestic Helpers | Taiwan News


  • Benefits from several new protections, including replacement costs caused by the resignation of a domestic help within three months of the original contract, or intentional / negligent injury to children or elderly in the household, and coverage for the household. ” interruption of service if the caregiver suffers from cancer or heart disease1
  • Provides optional benefits such that employers can plan according to their needs
  • Annual premium as low as 946 HKD, equivalent to less than 2.6 HKD per day
  • During the promotion period, take advantage of the free COVID-19 vaccine coverage as additional protection for the employer, domestic help and household members2

HONG KONG SAR – Media reach – August 25, 2021 – Zurich Assurance (Hong Kong) (“Zurich Hong Kong”) today announced the launch of the new “Helpersafe” caregiver insurance scheme, to meet the evolving protection needs of employers and caregivers. In addition to coverage for traditional household help insurance plans, Zurich Hong Kong has broadened the scope of assistance, to include protections such as replacement costs caused by specific events, as well as outpatient and medical expenses. hospitalization costs due to the diagnosis of cancer or hospitalization of a domestic help. heart disease1. Under a single plan, domestic helpers will also benefit from network and non-network outpatient medical services, and up to HKD 80,000 in hospital allowances per insurance year.

According to government statistics3, there were nearly 380,000 foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong at the end of 2020. Hong Kong people are known for their long working hours. . They are essential to running a household, and if a housekeeper were to be in an accident or become ill, it could be financially and emotionally draining for the employer. At the same time, employers need to be vigilant about the potential financial and liability risks associated with hiring domestic helpers. Therefore, when selecting an insurance plan for domestic helpers, employers should look at every detail of the benefits to ensure that the plan is suitable for both themselves and the helper being hired.

“Helpersafe” is a safety net when replacement is needed

“Helpersafe” will pay the replacement costs up to HKD 5,000 per insurance year if the replacement is necessary due to the following events:

  • The domestic help resigns within three months of the initial contract; Where
  • Domestic help commits fraud or dishonest acts; Where
  • Domestic help is missing or leaves without warning; Where
  • Domestic help intentionally or negligently causes injury to children or elderly persons in the household; Where
  • The housekeeper is repatriated to her country of origin because she is medically unfit to carry out her activity4.

Flexible medical protection

Domestic help can benefit from a hospital allowance of up to HKD 80,000 per insurance year. They can also benefit from network and non-network ambulatory medical services. If the home help goes to the selected network of general practitioners for consultation, neither the user fee nor the filing of a complaint is necessary. And virtual consultation service5 is available to household helpers to request medical help without setting foot outside.

Optional coverage provides medical and hospital protection against heart disease and cancer for added peace of mind

Although conventional household help insurance provides medical protection, serious illnesses such as heart disease and cancer are often not included in regular or optional coverage. ‘Helpersafe’ notably included heart disease and cancer as an optional benefit, providing protection for outpatient expenses and associated hospitalization – up to HKD 100,000 per insurance year with the Deluxe plan and up to 50,000 HKD per insurance year with the classic plan.

Daily premium as low as HKD2.6

The annual “Helpersafe” premium can be as low as 946 HKD, or less than 2.6 HKD per day. And with as little as HKD 150 per year, or less than HKD 0.5 per day, the insured can add the optional benefit of heart disease and cancer coverage.

Free COVID-19 vaccine coverage2

During the promotion period until September 30, 2021, those successfully enrolled in “Helpersafe” will receive free coverage of the COVID-19 vaccine from Zurich Hong Kong. The policyholder and a maximum of six household members will be covered, thus protecting the employer, domestic help and household members at the same time.

1 Applicable only to Optional Benefit – Heart Disease and Cancer Coverage.

2 Promotional period until September 30, 2021. Terms and conditions apply for free COVID-19 vaccine coverage, please refer to the designated page on the Zurich Hong Kong website for details.

3 Data from DATA.GOV.HK: statistics on the number of foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong https://data.gov.hk/en-data/dataset/hk-immd-set4-statistics-fdh.

4 A detailed medical report certified by the domestic help physician as medically unfit for continued employment is required when submitting applications.

5 Applicable to certain general practitioners in the network only. Medication delivery charges billed by the medical service provider will not be covered by this plan.

The product information contained in this document is provided for informational purposes only. For the terms and exclusions of this product, please refer to the wording of the policy. The general conditions of the policy will prevail in the event of discrepancy.

Download the Zurich Helpersafe domestic help information sheet: https://www.zurich.com.hk/-/media/project/zwp/hongkong/docs/individuals/domestic-helper-insurance/helpersafedhplan_brochure_en.pdf

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